C.C.R Okinawa とは?


参加者は、自動車が最も彩られた時代の名車と共に沖縄が誇る美しい海と、歴史・文化を体感し、また地元の人々との交流を深め、自動車と共に沖縄独特の文化を後世へと継承し、 発展させていくことを目的とします。

Classic Car Rally Okinawa , the country of classic car enthusiasts , with a unique and charm of a bygone era car , classic car events run through a predetermined route .
Participants , and the beautiful sea the car Okinawa is proud with the finest cars of the most decorated the era , and to experience the history and culture , and also to deepen exchanges with local people , inherit and to posterity Okinawa unique culture along with the car and aims to the ongoing development .-