You can enjoy as much as the number of entrants
at Classic Car Rally

You may think that the rally is somewhat hard to participate.....
Not exactly. You can casually participate.
Just drive at your own rhythm and enjoy the breathtaking scenic route along the beautiful blue sea of Okinawa.

  • Rally
  • Beauty of Okinawa
  • Your Rhythm

Lets Experience the Rally


Final day of the rally.
You will drive a different scenic route of Okinawa. One of the highlight of the day is to pass under the Nirai Kanai Bridge tunnel where you will face an amazing view of Pacific Ocean. Upon conclusion of the rally, winners will receive an award from Chopard and a commemorative gifts will be presented to all entrants at Awards ceremony.


Day of the rally.
Drive along blue crystal clear ocean, an outstanding scenery, challenge at your own pace and see the cherry blossom which bloom earliest in Okinawa than anywhere else. Also, the route will take you to the "Mystery Spot".


Day before the rally.
Since your vehicle will be transported beforehand, you may travel on the day of the event or depart the previous night with just a light luggage to the destination. There will be a parade, a welcome party at Laguna Garden Hotel where classic car enthusiasts share their passion and experience.

Enjoy furthermore during your stay with Option Courses

To make your stay most enjoyable, we have arranged 2 optional courses for you.
Relax & heel your body at the Spa and/or you may take our free shuttle service to the nearby town for a drink or two.

<One Spa course of your choice and a free roundtrip shuttle service to the nearby town is included in the package.>

*Each driver & co-driver, please select one Spa course of your choice from the following "A" Spa Course Menu.

Spa Course Quick Drink Course

Package Includes:
  *Accommodation for one night stay, party of 2 in one room.        *Friday, January 20 Welcome Party
  *Saturday, January 21 lunch, dinner and one night accommodation.    *Sunday, January 22 breakfast and lunch.
  *Roundtrip shuttle service to the nearby town.               *Choice of one Spa course per person.

If you wish to stay in advance or extend your stay, additional fee will apply.
For more information, please check the "Outline".

Entry Regulation

Please check the followings for entry regulation. If you may need any additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

  • Vehicles must be manufactured by December 31, 1976.
  • Both domestic and foreign vehicles may participate (neither replica nor remodeled vehicles are allowed to participate).
  • Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration until the conclusion of the event.
  • ALL CLEAR? Have you cleared all the above entry regulations?  Vehicles must be approved by the Classic Car Rally Okinawa Executive Committee.

About the Transportation of Vehicles

This event provides the vehicle transportation service (carrying in and out).
Participants can depart even on the previous night of the rally with a little baggage, as vehicles are carried to the destination beforehand.
If you would like to use the service, please download the Vehicle Transportation Guide and apply.
* We will inform you of the formal schedule separately after November.

About the Transportation of Vehicles
  • Tuesday, January 17 / Wednesday,
    January 18 (scheduled)

    Please carry your vehicle into
    a designated port

  • ~ Friday, January 20

    Our office staff attends when your
    vehicle is loaded into a ship

  • Friday, January 20

    Travel light to the venue


About Loaders

A flat loader is used to load your vehicle into a ship. When loaded and unloaded onto
and from the loader, the vehicle is pushed without starting the engine.

Vehicle Carrying In / Vehicle Carrying Out

  • ■ Kanto - Wakasu Port Departure - Tuesday, January 17
      1-4-3 Wakasu, Koto-ku, Tokyo

  • ■ Kansai - Osaka Minami Port Departure - Tuesday, January 17
      3-9-45 Nanko Minami Suminoe-ku, Osaka City

  • ■ Kyushu - Hakata Port Departure - Wednesday, January 18
      5-3-1 Kashiihama Futo, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City

  • ■ Okinawa - Naha New Port Arrival - Friday, January 20
      1-18-15 Minato Machi, Naha-City

Participants must bring vehicle to the port on the day of transferred date.
We do not accept any vehicles to be brought in the day before or earlier.
For both in and out vehicle loading, we ensure that one of our Okinawa Executive Committee staff will assist you.
For further information, please download the following;

» Download Vehicle Transportation Guide

So take this opportunity to participate the rally.
The tropical breeze is welcoming you to Okinawa,
one of the most splendid place to be. We look forward to seeing you at the rally.

» Download Entry Guide