Crassic car Rally Okinawa 2019
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Drive your classic car and run through Okinawa,
where you can feel spring is in the air

The Classic Car Rally OKINAWA is a classic car event where classic car enthusiasts from across the nation
gather to run through a designated route in their unique and attractive automobiles of the good old days.
One of this event's purposes is to experience Okinawa's beautiful sea, history and culture
with classic cars of the era when many great cars that have stood the test of time were produced.
In addition, participants aim to deepen exchanges with local people,
pass on the Okinawa's unique culture to future generations along with automobiles and develop them.

Both domestic and foreign vehicles may participate as long as
they were manufactured by December 31, 1973.*
Why not drive through beautiful scenery in Okinawa
in your beloved car?

* Please see the Outline for details.


So much to enjoy during and after competitions
These two days are packed
with charms of Okinawa

In addition to the specially selected routes, where you can enjoy scenic views of Okinawa,
to make the most of your stay, we provide satisfying options this time.
Have great two days at the Classic Car Rally OKINAWA.
You won't be able to experience it anywhere else.

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Route Map Click The Google map To Check The Course

DAY-1  3.9 / Sat/

08:45 Start  Ginowan Marina
09:35~10:05 Yonabaru Marina
10:05~10:45 Chuko-gura
10:45~11:15 Ginowan Marina
11:35~13:00 Secret Location
13:25~14:30 Okinawa Ryukyu Village
15:30~16:00 Higashi Village Culture and
        Sports Memorial Hall
16:05~16:35 Taiho Dam

DAY-2  3.10 / Sun/

08:40~09:10 Nago Agri Park
09:15~09:45 Kouri Ocean Tower
09:50~10:20 Mt.Yaedake and Sakura no Mori Park
10:10~12:30 Ocean Expo Park
12:20~12:50 Nakijin Castle Remains
14:00  Goal  Ginowan Marina

 Supporting Classic Racing,
where infinite passion
and everlasting impressive moments are born

In 1988, Chopard became the official partner and timekeeper of the world's most famous classic car race "Mille Miglia".
This lasting bond between the two was created from Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President?of Chopard, his personal passion for classic cars.
Chopard has become the first company among watch brands to get involved in the world of automobiles.
Chopard has served as a sponsor for various classic car races in the world over the years.
And in Japan, it has sponsored the "Classic Car Rally OKINAWA" since 2016.


Classic Car Rally OKINAWA 2019
Event Name Classic Car Rally OKINAWA 2019 [CCR-OKINAWA 2019]
Event Schedule 2days : Saturday, March 9 - Sunday, March 10, 2019
*An opening reception (welcome party) will be held on Friday, March 8, the previous day of the rally,
 at The Naha Terrace.
Event Location It will be held for two days, starting and finishing at Ginowan City,
Okinawa Prefecture and touring around Naha City, Higashi Village, Kunigami Village, Nago City, Motobu Town and other places.
Number of Cars Accepted

35 cars  ≫ How to Enter

Entry Regulation Participants must enter as a team of two people, one driver and one co-driver.
Vehicles ・ Vehicles must be manufactured by December 31, 1973.
・ Both domestic and foreign vehicles may participate
  (neither replica nor remodeled vehicles are not allowed to participate).
・ Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration
  until the conclusion of the event.
・ Vehicles must be approved by the Classic Car Rally Okinawa Executive
Entry Fee 230,000 yen per vehicle (two people)

The above fee includes the following (all for two people)

・ Accommodation [one night : Saturday, March 9 at THE RITZ-CARLTON OKINAWA]
*The nights of the previous day, Friday, March 8, and the final day, Sunday, March 10,
  are not included.

・ Meals [March 9 : lunch and dinner & March 10 : breakfast and lunch]
*The gala on Saturday, March 9, is included.
・ Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 10
・ Optional courses, commemorative gifts, etc.

*Guests who prefers to stay from the previous night,
  we have blocked The Naha Terrace for accommodation.
*Room rates: For one room / two persons 40,000 yen per night, tax included.
*This rate includes March 8 Welcome Party and March 9 Breakfast.
Under the Auspices Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) / The Cities, Towns and Villages on the Routes
Special Cooperation Chopard
Sponsors HAKKAISAN BREWERY CO.,LTD. / MRTS Co.,LTD. (Michelin Tyre Official Supplyer) /
AVANCHAL / win's moment Co.,Ltd. / Chuko Shuzo Corp. / LEQUIOS GROUP /
Good Car Life Co,. LTD / OK!TOUR OKINAWA
Facility Cooperation THE RITZ-CARLTON OKINAWA / The Naha Terrace / Laguna Garden Hotel
Provision Cooperation NASC

  » Download PC Competitions List ( Japanese )

 » How to Enter

About the Transportation of Vehicles This event provides the vehicle transportation service (carrying in and out).
Participants can depart even on the previous night of the rally with a little baggage,
as vehicles are carried to the destination beforehand.
If you would like to use the service, please download the Vehicle Transportation Guide and apply.
  • Friday, March 1 - Tuesday, March 5 (scheduled)

    Please carry your vehicle into a designated port

  • ~ Friday, March 8

    Our office staff attends when your vehicle is loaded into a ship

  • Friday, March 8

    Travel light to the venue

About Loaders

A flat loader is used to load your vehicle into a ship. When loaded and unloaded onto and from the loader, the vehicle is pushed without starting the engine.

 » Download Vehicle Transportation Guide ( Japanese )

Other Services


Entry List

No.Driver / Co-DriverCar-ModelYearClass
01Satoshi Koshikawa(D)JAGUAR XK120 1954 Vintage
Yayoi Koshikawa
02Masamichi Okano(D)AUSTIN HEALEY 100/BN2 1955 Vintage
Daisuke Okano
03Yutaka Yamamoto(D)AUSTIN HEALEY 100/BN1 1954 Vintage
Motoko Yamamoto
05Takao Ebi(D)OPEL OLYMPIA 1951 Vintage
Tomoyo Ebi
06Nobuo Komiya(D)TRIUMPH TR2 1954 Vintage
Yoshiko Komiya
07Kiyoshi Ozawa(D)TRIUMPH TR2 1955 Vintage
Toru Kamei
08Takao Sudo(D)ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SZ 1959 Historic
Yoshine Sudo
09Masuo Sawada(D)PORSCHE 356A SPEEDSTER 1957 Vintage
Ryoko Sawada
10Kazuhisa Hashimoto(D)DEVIN ALFA 750 TWIN 1957 Vintage
Yasue Onohara
11Tsuguo Shintani(D)LOTUS SEVEN 1957 Vintage
Sumiko Kokonno
12Ikuro Osuga(D)AUSTIN A35 1957 Vintage
Taro Yokoyama
13Hidetoshi Wada(D)TALBOT 90 SPORT 1933 Vintage
Masayuki Shiwa
14Shinjiro Fukuda(D)FORD T BUCKET 1923 Vintage
Yuka Fukuda
15Ken Mori(D)CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1963 Historic
Ryosuke Yamamura
16Keiichi Kataoka(D)ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPRINT 1959 Historic
Seiichiro Kinjo
17Hajime Arakaki(D)MASERATI 3500GT 1959 Historic
Masahiro Yoshitake
18?? ??(D)PORSCHE 356B ROADSTER 1960 Historic
?? ??
19Tomoyasu Kato(D)PORSCHE 356B SUPER90 1961 Historic
Kumiko Kato
20Shinyo Sano(D)PORSCHE 356B CABRIOLET 1962 Historic
Keisuke Abematsu
21Shoken Tei(D)PORSCHE 356C COUPE 1964 Historic
Yuki Tei
22Kenji Nakahara(D)AUSTIN MINI COOPER MK-1 1965 Historic
Kohei Hayashida
23Sadashi Higa(D)MERCEDES BENZ 220 SE 1961 Historic
Hiroko Higa
24Kazuto Higa(D)JAGUAR E TYPE 1966 Modern
Sadamasa Higa
25Yuji Kaku(D)MERCEDES BENZ 280 SE 3.5 CABRIOLET 1971 Modern
Fusako Kaku
26Atsushi Fukuda(D)FERRARI DINO 246GT 1973 Modern
Yohei Takemura
27Futoshi Yamauchi(D)PORSCHE 911S 1971 Modern
Shinji Santo
28Susumu Otomo(D)PORSCHE 911S 1973 Modern
Yuko Otomo
29?? ??(D)TOYOTA S800 1967 Modern
?? ??
30Naofumi Fukuda(D)HONDA S800 1966 Modern
Yoshiko Fukuda
31Koichi Yanagisawa(D)MAZDA COSMO SPORT 1970 Modern
Yoshimi Mori
32?? ??(D)DATSUN 240Z 1970 Modern
?? ??
33Junichiro Ueno(D)FORD MUSTANG MACH1 1971 Modern
Yoko Ueno
34Atsushi Hasegawa(D)CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1969 Modern
Tomoko Hasegawa
35Kazuo Mizukawa(D)CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1971 Modern
Mariko Mizukawa
36Yujiro Nakanishi(D)FIAT 850 TC 1968 Modern
Junichiro Kamikubo

Vintage : Vintage

Historic : Historic

Modern : Modern

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